What are the implants made of?
Implants are pure surgical-grade titanium.The material has proven to be so good that now 99 percent of all dental implants systems are made of pure titanium.It is extremely stable and is very compatible to the body.Titanium also becomes firmly integrated into the bone tissue.These positive properties have been confirmed not only in implant dentistry but also in many other medical areas, such prosthetic joints for many decades.Implant-like a natural tooth root-is completely buried in the jawbone and it is invisible.Titanium is still the gold standard of implant materials.

How long does the implant last?
After the healing phase a correctly inserted quality implant will be more resistant to many influences that the natural root of the tooth.A titanium implant with the optimum prosthetic load will not break.And it is immune to caries.Consistent oral higiene will keep your gums and the implant site healthy.With appropriate care implants can last a lifetime.

How can I  prepare  for the  consultation?
You should be thoroghly informed  before the consultation.Make a list of questions beforehand so you don`t forget any.Don`t forget to inform the dentist of any other diseases and medications that you take regurarly.

Is the general anaesthetic really not necessary for implant placement?
No,Local anaesthetic can completely prevent any pain.When the dentist prepares the implant site in the bone and place the implant in, you will feel vibration and slight pressure but no pain.For most patients the procedure feels like normal treatment for caries, which is also conducted under local anaesthetic.

How much will it all cost?
The cost depends of the extent of the treatment and the number of implants.A general estimate for an implant-borne crown including all medical and denta; services would be in the range of 1.500 euros.An implant borne bridge (for three missing teeth) would start at around 4.500 euros.

How do I care for my implant-borne teeth?
Implant-borne teeth not only look like natural teeth.They can be cleaned just as easily with a toothbrush (including an electric one) and tooth paste.When cleaning implants the spaces between the teeth and the transitions to the gums are particulary important.These areas are colonized by bacteria that attack the jawbone around the implant.This can be prevented with dental floss or small interdental brushes.This will remove stubborn plaque and your teeth will look as good as new.You should make regular prophylaxis appointments with your dentist as well (such as every six months).It`s worth it.

Can I bite and eat normally with an implant-borne denture?
Regardless of wether you have an implant-borne crown, bridge, or denture: you will be able to eat, bite, talk and laugh just you could formerly with your second set of teeth.The denture will be firmly attached to your implants and you can feel quite secure with it.

Will implant-borne teeth feel like my own or will I feel as if I have a foreign body in my mouth?
Implant-borne teeth will feel quite natural when you are talking, eating and laughing. You won`t feel any difference.