Contraindications and risk

If I am diabetic can I still have an implant?
Yes.However, your diabetes must be well controlled.Diabetes that is poorly controlled or untreated may adversely affect the healing processes for metabolic reasons.If there is any doubt the dentist will consult your doctor.

Is it possible to be allergic to dental implants?
No.Dental implants have been available for more than 40 years.Over this long period no allergies to titanium implants have become known.Titanium has no allergenic components and its completely neutral in the body.Of the materials used for crowns and bridges ceramic has proven the most compatibility to the body.

Are dental implants advisable for smokers?
The long-term succes rate of implants can be endangered by smoking.Discuss it with your dentist.He can acces the risk in your case.

Can I still exercise and play sport after implant placement?
Exercise after implant placement is not a problem.However if you take part in activities involving vigorous movement, you should consult the dentist first.A few days of rest may be recommended to avoid affecting the healing process.

Are there any diseases that would prevent implant placement?
Not really.If you have a serious general disease, such as a cardiovascular disease, srious kidney damage, a tendency to hemorrhage or an impaired immune system,you should always inform the dentist.In some cases side effect of medications may affect the healimg process, so the dentist should be informed of any medications that you take regurarly at the first consultation.The dentist will advice you of the options and assist you to make your own decision on the basisi of your health profile.

Are there any interactions with medications?
This is possible with certain medications.For example, cortisone can change the metabolism and immune system of the body in such a way that problems with healing may be encountered.Anticoagulation medications may cause serious hemorrhages during implant placement.If you are required to take medications regurarly, you must discuss them with your dentist.

Is the minimum age for dental implants?
Bone growth should be completed at the time of implant placement.It can be assumed that this is complete by about the age of 18 years.

Is implant contraindicated at an advanced age?
It is never too late to improve your quality of life with implants.The treatment is so low-risk that implants can be placed in patients aged 70,80 or even 90 years.There is no upper age limit.If you are fit for many other routine dental treatment and you are in good health,you can also have implants.

Could implants affect my cardiac pacemaker?
No.Implants have no  electromagnetic effect.They cannot  affect the operation of your pacemaker in any way.

Will metal detectors beep at my implant, such as at an airport check?
No, don`t worry about it.Implants are not magnetic and they are also much too small to trigger the detector.

Are there any risk involved with implant placement?
An implant placement is a minor surgical procedure.Complications such as injuries to nerves and blood vessels during placement of implants are certainly possible.This is extremely unlikely these days with the advances in diagnostics and planning.When an implant is placed by a qualified dentist, the risk are no greater than when removing a wisdom tooth.

And if an implant becomes infected?
When detected early enough infections caused by bacteria can usually be treated succesfully.If  you attend regular appointments for dental care and prophylaxis at your dentist and also clean your teeth regurarly at home, you are unlikely to be affected.