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You can book your appointment personally at the Clinic, by phone (no. +48 91 812 8888) or by e-mail ( 

We respect both our patients' and our doctors' time!

We treat bookings very seriously – at the requested time and date the doctor and his/her assistant will be we waiting, ready to receive you. It is a sort of agreement, where the doctor reserves the time (one, two, sometimes three hours), and the patient undertakes to appear at the clinic. 

It is understood that sometimes your visit may have to be cancelled for various reasons. 

In such a case you are kindly requested to inform our Clinic about the situation at least two hours before the time of your appointment. This will let us reorganize the doctor's schedule and inform other patients waiting for treament about the possibility for an earlier visit (e.g. patients in pain). 

 In case of failure to inform about the patient's absence he/she will be charged a fee of PLN 100 per each previously booked hour, to be paid before the next visit. 

In case of unexpected absence of the doctor, the patient shall also be informed in advance and shall be offered a new, suitable appointment date and time. 

Of course we understand that unexpected and unforseen events do happen sometimes. 

We try to have understanding for our patients and we ask for the same in return!