Our patients are covered by a caries prophylaxis programme, including:

  • protective filling of tooth grooves with a fluoride-releasing liquid composite – this technique perfectly protects teeth of children and adults from caries;
  • use of fluoride foam – a pleasant and effective way to provide the teeth with additional dose of fluoride;
  • using fluoride lacquer twice a year – covering the surface of all the teeth, slows the development of caries and inhibits the build-up of tartar;
  • for professional care and oral hygiene, our patients can buy appropriate toothbrushes, dental flosses, rinses and other accessories directly in our practice. 


Blanx - the first, prolonged-effect, protective whitening mouthwash, fighting bad breath (halitosis). BLANX whitening mouthwash protects tooth enamel from acids and ensures effective protection of places unreachable by toothbrush. BLANX mouthwash prevents tooth decay and reduces gum inflammation symptoms. Natural extracts from Iceland moss remove enamel discolourations and protect the whiteness of teeth from stains from coffee, tobacco and red wine.

This everyday dental hygiene product can be used after brushing your teeth, after meals or at any time, whenever you feel you should take care of your teeth.

Other products from the BLANX whitening and protection line include whitening toothpastes Blanx Classic, Blanx Anti-Age, Blanx Homeo, Blanx Gums Protection, Blanx for Sensitive Teeth. All these products are available in our shop.


Elmex products in various forms (toothpaste, gel, mouthwash) are very effective in caries prevention and treatment of early stages of caries thanks to active amine fluoride content. Used systematically, they form a protective layer of calcium fluoride on all tooth surfaces.

In SENSITIVE versions they reduce tooth hypersensitivity. Also available as children's toothpastes.