Can implant-borne dentures be replaced or, if more teeth are lost, extended?
Yes, the denture can be replaced or modified at any time.A single tooth implant can be converted into an abutment for a bridge or prosthesis without difficulty, even after many years.

I already have a normal full denture.Do I need a new one for attachement to the implants?
If the existing denture will guarantee optimum load of the implants and good chewing function, it can certainly be adjusted for fixing to implants.The dentist can acces your individual situation and will recommend the solution for you.

What happens if one of my own teeth that is integrated into the denture as an abutment is lost?
If a tooth has to be removed, for example because of root inflamation, it can generally be replaced by an additional implant without difficulty.The support and possibly also the denture will be modified accordingly.

Will I have to remove an implant-borne denture at night?
A conventional denture should be removed at night, because it may come adrift during sleep and may block the pharynx or the respiratory passage.An implant-borne denture is normally fixed in place and can be left in place at night without danger.Your dentist will advise you about this.You only have to ask.